Sorry I have beem away!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been away due to bad equipment. I got some new stuff but I really need to get some HD stuff. If you would be willing to donate money please do! If you donate I will make more videos because it will keep me going haha. Also I will have a gift for you all when I get enough for the stuff I need!

Thanks in advance guys!

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Pre-Show on NOW!

LBPCreateGuide LIVE Pre-Show live now

LittleBigPlanet CreateGuide LIVE 15th Jan

Hey there guys! Now some of you will know about the time where I had the ‘LBPCreateGuide LIVE’ event coming up and at a bad time, i got the yellow light of death. But now I have a NEW PS3 Slim and a NEW HD capture device! Brilliant! Now there is still going to be a LBPCreateGuide LIVE on the 21st but there is also going to be one on the 15th. Yes the 15th. You can join the event tomorrow. Details below. LBP2 Beta stream and LBP1 Stream. 🙂

13:00 OR 1.00pm EST
14:00 OR 2.00pm EDT
18:00 OR 6.00pm GMT

Follow @LBPCreateGuide AND @MalroTheo on twitter to be updated when I’m live!

See you there!!

Update 09/01/2011

What’s going to be going on this year for the LBPCreateGuide?

I know that I have already posted a small update on whats going to come this year, but I wanted to get into a bit more detail of what and when. I also have some information on updates on the YourLBPCreateGuide social networking site. The features will come flooding into the site once we get the community in!

The community is the main part of the LittleBigPlanet Create Guide. Without you, the community, we would be no-where. Thanks to you the LBPCreateGuide was able to take off, without you we would not exist.


Anyway here is what is coming for the next few weeks/months to you, the LBPCreateGuide community.


January 18th-21st – The release date of the long awaited LittleBigPlanet 2! Personally I will be getting the collectors edition due to all the extra content you receive. What version will you be getting?

January 21st – Now you will remember a while back that there was going to be a create guide live. This is where I was going to record me doing a live stream and people could request tutorials in the chat and I would complete the tutorial requests in real time and they would be uploaded to YouTube also, incase you missed the event. Now the new date was announced in a previous post for January 21st, the release date of the game in the UK. This is sticking unless any other problems occur like the YLOD last time round. The live-stream will be start at around 12PM GMT+0 and will last until about 6PM GMT+0. Depending on the views. Miss it? It should be uploaded onto YouTube too.

Every Friday – There will be new videos uploaded every Friday. The videos will most probably be uploaded over night so they will be ready for the weekend. I hope that every member of the LBPCreateGuide community respects that because it takes a whole day to edit, render and upload 2 videos, school and exams are also coming so do not expect them all to be on time. Sorry.


OK days out of the way, here are updates without dates or are already happening.

YourLBPCreateGuide – Now some of you will know about this, some of you will not. Basically its a Facebook for the LBPCreateGuide. You can share photo and video tutorials with the community and we will sometimes publish them to our channel, thats only with your permission and your name will be placed on the video (if wanted). We need more community members to get going so please, join and upload!

Creator of the month/week – I have come up with an idea to make a creator of the month award. When someone makes an amazing level of has awesome work to show me  and it is the best I have seen all month/week I will possibly record the work and publish and award them a Creator of the month/week award. So far I am leaning towards of the month over the week because I have allot to do.

Your Suggestions – If you have any suggestions to bring forward to us then send them on YouTube or the YourLBPCreateGuide website somewhere.

See you all soon!

Your LBPCreateGuide Beta 1

Now we have published the beta 1.0 of the YourLBPCreateGuide. Check it out.

Don’t worry. I am still here!

Just a small post to let you guys know whats going on in 2011.

LBPCreateGuide LIVE – January 22 (Possibly) to January 29, one of the dates or in between the dates will be the day of the LBPCreateGuide Live!

Video dates – Just to let you all know. Videos will be posted every Friday from the 21st of January. (EU release date)

YLOD – The YLOD struck me again, but for good this time. I lost everything including my LBP stuff. But this gives us more room to show you how to do things from scratch!

January 4th – My Birthday and my gift is… A Hauppauge HD-PVR (I think) if so, I can record everything I do on LittleBigPlanet 2 and then shove it onto my channel – IN HD! So if I get my creative game on I can show you how to make it too!

YourLittleBigPlanet Create Guide – YLBPCG is a work in progress to let YOU show your create guides and tutorials to the rest of the LBPCG community. I will keep you updated on the site but for now, here is some information.

  • Share your create videos
  • Create your own forums/discussions
  • Share levels and how you made them
  • Share all your content and use links
  • Customizable profile
  • Creation groups
  • Have a blog to update your fans on your levels and contraptions
  • request box (because the old one is too hard to cope with!)

With more to come when the date is near. The date set at this very time is December 31st – January 4th.

I hope you all appreciate this little update on things and I hope to see you soon.

P.S. Merry  Christmas and a Happy new year!

LBPCreateGuide retuns January 18th 2011

It’s Official! LBPCreateGuide will return on the release of LBP2. January 18th 2011.