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New Friday, New Videos.

Hello everyone! =D

Hope you all had a brilliant week, mine has not been too bad. As most of us will know the LBPCreateGuide LIVE has been pushed to a later date due to me getting the Yellow Light Of Death/Doom. Should be getting it fixed tomorrow free of charge, but still a loss… We will do the Live create guide at a later date. Another thing to try get the bad news off the mind, here are 8 Create tutorial videos today!! 8!!

Enjoy all these videos! Don’t forget to request more on the side!! >>>


Hey guys, sorry but there will be no Live create guide tonight due to my YLOD’d PS3. Should be getting a fix tomorrow but we will have to see. 8 videos coming shortly. Sorry again.

LittleBigPlanet Create Guide LIVE Information!

As most of you know now I will be doing LittleBigPlanet Create Guide LIVE on Friday 29th October 2010. The whole idea of this is to get the create videos YOU want done in REAL time. I will also record the game-footage and post it up on YouTube. So be there if you want to request a tutorial! Even if you are not there to see it then you can still see it on the channel!

Here is whats planned for the night:

  • I show you my levels then after showing you that one, then I will show you how I did certain things on it. (e.g Logic)
  • Once we have seen some of “how its done” from my levels we will move onto Requests! Here you can request tutorials in the chat next to the live broadcast and I will do my best to do them all in real time. Did you miss the live event? Then you can keep up with the tutorials via my channel.

I hope this night/day will be a success and if so I could make it a regular thing.

Follow @MalroTheo or @LBPCreateGuide (or both) to keep updated on the date etc. I will add more information to this as the time comes closer.

LittleBigPlanet Create Guide LIVE!

Hello people of the LBPCreateGuide! I have a special treat for you all coming!

Friday  29th October 2010. I will be doing: LBPCreateGuide LIVE! Here is how it goes:

I will go live via uStream and get people watching.

Then I will show some of my levels to you and how they work.

Then I will accept requested tutorials from people and do them live! I will also record them and upload them to YouTube after the event.

If this event is successful I could do this every 2 weeks. So please everyone if you wish for this please comment Yes below and follow @LBPCreateGuide AND @MalroTheo on twitter and I will tell you when I am going LIVE on Friday the 29th October 2010!


Sorry I have not been posting for a while. But I am going to get you updated! Video TUTORIALS are uploaded on FRIDAYS! That will clear up some “WHERES MY VIDEO” messages I get.

NOT ALL VIDEO’S WILL BE UPLOADED THE SAME WEEK! I am only a one man band and creating tutorials takes time so please have patience.

I would like to send a special thanks to everyone who voted on the Poll, you have been very helpful!

Latest videos:

I now have 220+ Subscribers!  Thank you very much to each and every one of you! And I would like you to know, without you, the LBPCreateGuide would not be where it is today, it would be buried under everything else LittleBigPlanet.

I hope you all have a good week and I will upload the next videos Friday!

When should I upload videos? Poll!

Hey guys. I am a pretty busy person and it is very time consuming to create these videos and upload them twice a week. I need to find a day that you all agree on for me to upload these videos. This will give me more time to create videos and upload them to YouTube.

I hope you understand. Please place your vote below. 🙂