LittleBigPlanet CreateGuide LIVE 15th Jan

Hey there guys! Now some of you will know about the time where I had the ‘LBPCreateGuide LIVE’ event coming up and at a bad time, i got the yellow light of death. But now I have a NEW PS3 Slim and a NEW HD capture device! Brilliant! Now there is still going to be a LBPCreateGuide LIVE on the 21st but there is also going to be one on the 15th. Yes the 15th. You can join the event tomorrow. Details below. LBP2 Beta stream and LBP1 Stream. šŸ™‚

13:00 OR 1.00pm EST
14:00 OR 2.00pm EDT
18:00 OR 6.00pm GMT

Follow @LBPCreateGuide AND @MalroTheo on twitter to be updated when I’m live!

See you there!!


About BlackPanthaa
LBP PS3 geek love them!

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