Crownz? :(

Crown’z for me? Please? 🙂


LittleBigPlanet Create Guide LIVE!

Hello people of the LBPCreateGuide! I have a special treat for you all coming!

Friday  29th October 2010. I will be doing: LBPCreateGuide LIVE! Here is how it goes:

I will go live via uStream and get people watching.

Then I will show some of my levels to you and how they work.

Then I will accept requested tutorials from people and do them live! I will also record them and upload them to YouTube after the event.

If this event is successful I could do this every 2 weeks. So please everyone if you wish for this please comment Yes below and follow @LBPCreateGuide AND @MalroTheo on twitter and I will tell you when I am going LIVE on Friday the 29th October 2010!

When should I upload videos? Poll!

Hey guys. I am a pretty busy person and it is very time consuming to create these videos and upload them twice a week. I need to find a day that you all agree on for me to upload these videos. This will give me more time to create videos and upload them to YouTube.

I hope you understand. Please place your vote below. 🙂